Ellie Lou Wythe

A collection of acrylic paintings. Select individual pieces for information!

Hophead @ The Harp - canvas

Hope - donated

Severndroog, moonlit (on exhibition)

St James's Park, dusk

Horniman Sunset SOLD

Ramsgate SOLD canvas

The Lane at Night £150

Somewhere Else SOLD

Going Down £90 canvas

New Wave £70 canvas

Gipsy Hill SOLD canvas

Ramsgate dreams, sold

Over Haynes Lane £55 canvas

Mood £75 SOLD

Nightfalls £50 canvas

Amplified - NFS

Exulting SOLD

Renate's View £165

Marth and the Big Sky

Norfolk 6AM NFS

Church Avenue NFS

Woolwich Common NFS canvas

Penge in Pink SOLD canvas

CP Sunset SOLD canvas board

Fading Transmission SOLD

Coastal Wildflowers SOLD canvas board

CP Sunrise SOLD canvas

Farewell Gipsy Road SOLD

Ripsher's Sunrise SOLD canvas

S&G SOLD canvas

Beth's Tree

Shoreham-by-Sea NFS canvas

Reaching £50 canvas

Herbivore £85 canvas

sea foam form £25 canvas

Tiger Sky Transmission £60

Moon NFS

Quiet Cliff £25 canvas board

Good That £30

Sweeping £25 canvas paper

Swen £25 canvas paper

Norfolk Sky £15 canvas paper

Sheerness £35 canvas

Norfolk 6AM II NFS

Peep! £25 canvas paper

Space innit - £15

Lone skeleton £35 canvas

Poppy £25 canvas paper

Trees! SOLD


Sail to Me £30 canvas


Battersea £40 canvas board

Dusk £40 canvas

Eastbourne £15 canvas

Firs at Dawn £10 canvas paper

Abandoned Boat £20 canvas paper

Cirrocumulus Sea SOLD

Renate's Sky SOLD

Ghosts at dusk SOLD canvas board

Stone Surveyor SOLD canvas

Riddlesdown SOLD canvas

Broadstairs SOLD

Moonrising SOLD canvas

Last Rays in Palace SOLD panel

Otherworld SOLD canvas

Gipsy Hill sundown SOLD canvas

Fave Grave NFS canvas paper

Seadreams NFS canvas

Adam NFS board

Muun SOLD canvas

Seafoam NFS canvas board

Guidance NFS canvas



Peckham Geese SOLD canvas paper

Hangout SOLD canvas paper

Portland Bill SOLD canvas

SoNo SOLD canvas paper

Breathe SOLD canvas paper

Sky Strike SOLD canvas

Margate Ghost SOLD canvas

Lone SOLD canvas

Kernow NFS canvas paper

Life (no longer exists...)

A goose! SOLD canvas

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